Big Gun Show

Big Gun Show

Friday, April 27th, 2018

9:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Big Gun Show
Big Gun Show
Imagine a song swap in the basement of Villa Nellcôte among outlaws such as Haggard & Waylon, sided by modern day honky tonker Charlie Robison. Also in the circle are members of Jet and Lucero. Graham Parsons demonstrates country stylings to Keith, while Mick Taylor rambles on slide. Jagger and Freddie King wail in unison like old, drunken friends. That should give you an idea of the influence, as well as the broad listener appeal found in Austin based THE BIG GUN SHOW.

It’s not uncommon to have lied, lusted or done something wrong in your life - Everyone has been disappointed and most have had their confidence ruined. These are the life experience topics of that consumed songwriter, Gunter Woodson, as he wrote the 5-song concept EP titled THE DOOR.

Gunter met Yates Hagan in 2010 when Yates was playing drums with alt-rock Phoenix Down and Gunter was leading the acoustic songwriting duo, Long Woodson. Over many boozy evenings they talked of each wanting a more upbeat and rocking stage show with music influenced by what Gunter calls the Stones “Golden Era.” He defines it as the period from 69 to 73 when Mick Taylor was playing slide and Parsons was exuding his sway on Keith. In short, it was inevitable that THE BIG GUN SHOW would begin.

The EP was recorded and produced by AJ Vallejo (Austin producer of the year 2014 and 2015) in his studio. Gunter and Yates joined forces with him to massage the songs into what is now their current form. The final product brims with music gems that concern emotions and encounters that both members discovered along their life’s journeys. “Swagger” exudes someone getting their confidence back and “Chablis and Weed” talks to a guy desiring a woman who has other priorities than him. The idea of doing something forbidden came to life with “Behind the Barn” after reading Stones sax player’s, Bobby Keys, autobiography. “Bitch” conveys disappointment and “Begin to Begin” engages the true struggle of honesty.

Taking in and re-familiarizing oneself with these feeling and life experiences demonstrates the truth in what THE BIG GUN SHOW is saying. And listeners shouldn’t be surprised if they find themselves drawn back to open THE DOOR again and again and again.
Venue Information:
The Saxon Pub
1320 S Lamar Blvd.
Austin, TX, 78704